• Activity丨April flowers bloom, CUBE Station blooms

    On April 1st, the first open day of the cube station was ushered in. Cube 2017 featured works exhibition, successful people lecture hall, design commune visit, tea party and other series of exciting activities were held to attract employees inside the cube and a group of media and peers. This also means that since April, Cube Design is located in Shenzhen's third office – the cube station is officially put into use. 

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  • Salon丨Mapping Nantou Ancient City Workshop Special Seminar Salon held
    On January 13th, the “Mapping Nantou Ancient City Workshop Symposium” was organized by the New Architecture Magazine and assisted by Cube Design. As one of the academic activities of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong City/Architecture Biennale, the venue of the forum is selected at the Nantou Ancient City, the main exhibition venue of the Biennale.

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  • Activity丨The results of the 2017 Cube New Construction Talent Awards were announced. Have you been selected?
    The 14th Cube New Building Talent Awards have been selected. As a 14-year architectural design competition, its influence is gradually expanding and the level of entries is constantly improving. The original intention of the “New Construction Talent Award” was to encourage future architects to upgrade their professional level and to train future architects with ideals, perseverance, social responsibility and ability to complete, and encourage them to care for people, care for the society, and care for development. trend.

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  • Lecture丨Designers circle of friends - cube design executive director Qiuhui Kang
    On September 15th, the opening ceremony of Vanke Cloud Design Co., Ltd. was launched. As a member of the designing commune, Cube Design was invited to attend the opening ceremony and deliver a speech. In addition, many companies, industry executives and designers also attended the conference to discuss "the future of design". The guests shared their thinking and experience from different perspectives such as cross-border, social and tool application.

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  • Lecture丨Enrico Kremp "Micro&Macro: German architects' understanding of design"
    On the afternoon of March 23, a lecture entitled "Micro&Macro: German Architects' Understanding of Design" was held at the Cube Design B office. This lecture invited Mr. Enrico Kremp, the first foreign architect of Cube Design and a partner of the current cube German company.
    The lecture was given by Mr. Xiang  Daqing, one of the cube design partners. The President Xiang gave a grand introduction to Mr. Enrico's main experience and expressed his sincere welcome.

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  • Lecture丨Meeting the informationization of the construction industry - 2016 cubic design BIM results report meeting
    On the occasion of the announcement of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on the issuance of the 2016-2020 Construction Industry Informatization Development Plan, “Cube Design” responded to the 2016 Autumn BIM Results Report at the Company B Office on September 19, 2016. The call for the informationization of the construction industry and the digital delivery of results.

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  • Public service丨warm red sunset, I understand the heart of the old man
    a white hair, a life
    a world of music, a painting of heaven and earth
    a scroll of calligraphy and painting
    a bench, half life
    After the storm, you can calm down

    We are here to visit you again!
    On February 27, 2016, we first came to the nursing home to celebrate your birthday.
    On August 13, 2016, we came again and fulfilled the promise that we always remembered in our hearts - "We will come to see you again."

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  • Lecture丨"The Art of Selflessness" Ruan Wentao: Looking for a purely architectural road in Hong Kong
    In 2016, the cube school summer lecture hall was held in the cubic design B office on the afternoon of July 23rd. This lecture invited the founder of Yuanxin GROUNDWORK, the registered architect of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and the professional member of the Hong Kong Interior Designers Association, Mr. Ruan Wentao. Lecture. The theme of this lecture is "The Art of Selflessness."

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  • Lecture丨You are so good, but still no offer——Executive Director of Cube Design Qiu Huikang
    On November 18th, 2015 (Wednesday) at 19:00, Mr. Qiu Huikang was a guest at the Guanzhu·Micro Classroom hosted by Shenzhen Guanzhu Building Development Exchange Center. This publicity lecture hall was in the WeChat group of Guanzhu Micro-Classroom with voice + map + The form of the combination of texts is shared with everyone. The theme of this lecture: about the architect profession - you are so good but still no offer.
    2015 is the winter of the construction industry. Many construction industries are facing a severe test. Is this period the worst era for recent graduates? The university has been studying hard for five years. When it comes to graduation, it is cold winter. Is graduation equal to unemployment? How to stand out in this talented society and win a good offer, how to stay in the era of survival of the fittest. It is a question we deserve to think about.

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  • Lecture丨Cube Academy Summer Lecture - Tang Zhihua: The History of Architecture
    In 2015, the cube lecture summer lecture was held in the cubic design B office on the afternoon of July 7. This lecture invited Mr. Tang Zhihua, the director, vice president and chief architect of Huayang International Design Group, to give a speech. The two major points of this lesson: 1. Combine the history of architecture with the history of human development and tell the story of the development of architecture. 2. Combine the aesthetics of the building with the structural features of the materials, so that people can understand the origins of the style genre more clearly. With profound knowledge, broad vision, humorous eloquence, and profoundly speaking, he told us about the history of architecture and benefited everyone.

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  • Salon丨Daily urban strategy——From the perspective of everyday life to think about urban space problem
    At 1:30 pm on May 16, 2015, it was co-sponsored by Shenzhen Cube Architectural Design Consultant Co., Ltd., Cooper Architectural Design Co., Ltd., Cube Architectural Design Co., Ltd. (Canada) and the editorial department of New Architecture magazine. Daily Urban Strategy – Thinking about Urban Space from the Perspective of Daily Life, Sharon was held in the second office of Shenzhen Cube Architectural Design Consultancy Co., Ltd. (Office B). Sharon was chaired by Professor Wang Yuan, professor and director of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and deputy editor of New Architecture. Famous architectural and planning experts, scholars, real estate professionals and government officials attended and spoke.

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