Public service丨warm red sunset, I understand the heart of the old man

a white hair, a life
a word, the joy of heaven and earth, a painting of heaven and earth
a scroll of calligraphy and painting
a bench, half life
After the storm, you can calm down

❤  We are here to visit you again!

On February 27, 2016, we first came to the nursing home to celebrate your birthday.
On August 13, 2016, we came again and fulfilled the promise that we always remembered in our hearts - "We will come to see you again."

❤  Fundamental human morality, honor their elders to do the most basic moral

Walking into the nursing home, we were infected by the love of every old man, as if returning to the grandparents' home. Even if they have been blind, they can't hide their love for life.

Chatted about their favorite things, old people's faces filled with smiles all the time, emitting a dawn-like brilliance. Can anyone guess that this grandmother is eighty-eight years old this year?

Grandma shared her paintings with us. From a single painting, Grandma's inner world is full of sunshine and vitality.

❤  Listen to grandparents telling those years

Listening and companionship is not a substitute for any substance, we listen carefully to their stories, one with a smile to describe the warmth of love.

In everyone’s laughter, this time, “warm red sunset, I understand the heart of the old man”
The event ended satisfactorily.