Activity丨April flowers bloom, CUBE Station blooms

On April 1st, the first open day of the cube station was ushered in. Cube 2017 featured works exhibition, successful people lecture hall, design commune visit, tea party and other series of exciting activities were held to attract employees inside the cube and a group of media and peers. This also means that since April, Cube Design is located in Shenzhen's third office – the cube station is officially put into use.  

The literary arts office area hidden in the green forest

Fang Station is located in Vanke Cloud Design Commune, a courtyard-style office environment far from downtown, full of design and art. The park has a plot ratio of 0.6, lush trees, bamboo barriers, and unique architectural design that makes every office there different. Most of the office space is equipped with courtyards and terraces, and the well-built patio allows the sun to be seen everywhere.

Cube station's first exhibition was successful

The design of the square station continues the simple industrial literary style of the park, which can open and close the mobile partition to create a variety of spaces. During the event, we opened the partition and the office became a spacious exhibition hall. In our imagination, it can be turned into a conference room, a coffee shop, a cocktail party, a salon, etc. through different partitions and enclosures.

This time, a total of more than 60 selected works in 2017 will be exhibited, combined with video animation and architectural models, to enable the audience to learn and feel the charm of the works more comprehensively.

Over 15 years of design thinking selfless sharing

The successful person lectures, Mr. Xiang Daqing, a cube design partner, gave a brief introduction to the cube station and announced that Mr. He Guangming and Mr. Zhu Yiyou have become new partners in Cube Design.

Cube Design Partner Mr. He Guangming (left), Mr. Zhu Yiyou

Specially invited cube design partner and chief architect Mr. Zhu Yiyou to share the theme. Mr. Zhu Yiyouhas more than 15 years of experience in building practice and has been working hard for many years in design. He is an experienced and talented practical design expert. Participating projects include Sichuan Art Museum, Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center, Tencent Building, and Greenview Building.

Mr. Zhu Yiyou used the actual case as a script to re-interpret how he asked questions,hypotheses,  negations again and again to be repeated in the project design process until he reached the final satisfactory result. Self-denial, reverse thinking, difficult derivation, multiple attempts... Mr. Zhu Yuyou's anatomy of personal thinking shows young architects the way of thinking, which has valuable reference for future work.

After the speech, the architects rushed to ask questions and “take experience” from Mr. Zhu Yiyou. President Zhu answered questions patiently and believes that these ideas will bring us many inspirations in the future work.