Job description:

1. Carry out all work under the direct leadership of the administrative manager;

2. Draft and formulate various rules and regulations on the company's administrative affairs management;

3. Review and purchase of office supplies;

4. The company's health management, safety management and other logistics service management;

5. Management of communication equipment and office facilities;

6. Management of reception work at the front desk and organization of other reception work;

7. Management of various files and certificates of the company;

8. Liaison of external affairs and handling of public relations;

9. Arrangement and organization of various meetings and activities.



1. Graduates of 2020, majoring in administration;

2. Proficient in office software, experience in administrative practice is preferred;

3. Cheerful and optimistic, good at learning, strong initiative in work, conscientious and responsible, with good execution;

4. Strong sense of service, able to work under pressure and self motivation.