Job Requirements:

1. Assist the company in the design andwriting of various publicity planning schemes, the writing of promotional copyand promotional materials;

2. Responsible for writing the company'sexternal media and advertising performance text;

3. Assist in the collection and editing ofvarious publications of the company;

4. Regularly update industry informationand write industry newsletters;

5. Responsible for the collection andarrangement of media soft texts and advertising materials;

6. Plan and implement corporate culture andrelated brand promotion activities.



1. Bachelor degree or above in Chinese,Communication, New Media, etc .;

2. Experience in media or new mediaplanning and operation internship is preferred;

3. Have the ability to select and plantopics, be able to keenly capture network hotspots, industry trends andeffectively transform, and are interested in architectural design or pan-designcircle

4. Love and be familiar with interactivenew media, and always pay attention to the latest trend

5. Passionate about brand promotion, goodlanguage skills and writing skills;

6. Good teamwork ability and able to workunder pressure;

7.Familiar with the use of related design software and WeChat public account operation.