News丨Newcomer Training Camp - Welcome to the world of architecture

2017 cube new employee training is gorgeous.
Newly trained for nearly half a month
Company brand display
Have a boutique project to learn
There is also design experience sharing
Professional dry goods input such as drawing specifications, apartment design, sunshine analysis, etc.

These condensed the martial arts masters who have been walking in the industry for more than 10 years, and the old birds in the workplace
Words and phrases

“Creativity is the core value of an architect.”
"Strategic analysis should not be empty talk, universal, not unique."
“Buildings are not as pure as people, but the design can be pure.”
"Having the values of integrity, sharp edges and corners, forging ahead, and always young mind, this is the spirit of the cube."

More than ten days of classroom study and drill training ended
Means that children’s shoes are officially graduated from Cube College.
Go to work
Some people say that life is just beginning after graduation.
For fresh graduates, this is the first stop in the workplace.
But it is an important step in the cube
We cherish every talent and establish a perfect promotion system.
There are two promotion awards each year, and the salary and benefits are adjusted according to the position level.
Other than this
Travel inspection overtime subsidy lecture training, afternoon tea, year-end awards and other basic benefits are quite the same
came here
We not only hope that children's shoes will leap in professionalism, skills and experience.
I hope that everyone has the right values.
Develop a positive, sunny mindset
And the spirit of unity and enterprising
Is it super positive energy?
In addition to indoor classroom
These new children’s shoes
Also upcoming outdoor development training
Crit of multiple challenges under the sea and the hot sun

Children's shoes, are you all ready?

More exciting
Please pay attention to our next issue for everyone.
2017 Newcomer Training Camp
Outdoor expansion