Event 丨 "The 14th New Cube Building Talent Award" Award-winning Teacher and Student Hong Kong Study Tour

In the spring of March, the annual design of the “Cubic New Construction Talent Award” and the Hong Kong study tour of Cube Design are coming again!

On March 29th, under the leadership of Professor Hao Shaobo from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the winners of the 14th New Building Talent Awards arrived in Shenzhen and began their four-day and three-night Shenzhen-Hong Kong study tour. 

Accompanied by Mr. Daqing, the cube design partner visited the Shenzhen landmark building and the cubic design office and gave lectures.

▲Professor Hao Shaobo, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

▲Cube Design Director Xiao Ming

A total of 52 works were collected in the 14th New Cube Building Talent Awards, and finally 8 works stood out in the layer screening. In the awards lecture, the students introduced the characteristics and design ideas of the winning works, and then the cube design director and Huake outstanding alumnus Xiao Ming commented on the analysis. Mr. Xiao Ming gave a high evaluation of the works and ideas of the students, and gave their opinions and experiences. They shared a lot of dry goods, and the learning atmosphere on the spot was very strong. With the perfect end of the lecture, this Hong Kong architectural study also kicked off smoothly.

Hong Kong Fri.Mar.30

This time we are looking at the vision
To explore hidden behind the bustling metropolis
It exudes a unique charm of Hong Kong building

  • Festival Walk Hong Kong

Festival Walk Hong Kong is located in Kowloon Tong, with 3 floors underground and 4 floors above ground. The interior of the mall is simple, with pure white and bright metal. There are many internal atriums, natural light is introduced over the atrium, and the entrance hall and the side court are also glass curtain walls, allowing sunlight to enter. A large amount of natural light makes the daytime shopping center dominated by natural lighting.

  • City University of Hong Kong (Runway Shaw Creative Media Centre)

Runway Shaw Creative Media Center CMC is considered to be the role of the city's university. It is designed by world-famous architect Daniel Libeskind. The building is dominated by a white exterior wall. The shape resembles the crystal “three-pointed octagonal” and the color in the center is black. The white and jujube are the main tune. Except for the second floor, all floors are run by a geometric staircase, with few right angles and full of sense of the times.

  • International Trade Plaza ICC

The exterior of the building was designed by the world famous architectural firm KPF. The building is 490 meters high and has 118 floors. The outer wall is scaly. The 118 floors are all made of glass curtain wall and the glass layers are stacked. It is currently the tallest building in Hong Kong. The 100th floor of the building with "Horizon 100" is located on the 100th floor of the building. It is the only place in Hong Kong that can overlook Hong Kong 360 degrees.

  • Hong Kong Bank of China Building

The Bank of China Tower is one of the most modern buildings in Hong Kong and was designed by IM Pei Architects. A tower of four triangular columns sits on a 52-meter-high cube. The columns in four different quadrants rise high, leaving only one triangular column at the highest point. The faceted surface is covered with reflective glass, reflecting the changing environment of the surrounding environment. Located in the bustling business district of Hong Kong, Bank of China Tower provides a highly personalized vertical axis for the city's towering skyline. The four columns of the building form a modern, complex composite system that not only resists high-flow winds, but also avoids vertical support in the room.

  • HSBC

Designed by Norman Foster, the exterior of the building is exposed to steel columns and steel trusses, which become the protagonist of the facade. The bottom of the building is completely open, the escalator extends from the second floor, and the personnel enter the building from the escalator. This is a "high-tech" architectural style, although it is not decorated with a full-scale structure, showing the original shape of a variety of electromechanical equipment. The eight sets of staggered composite columns run through one body, and the green leaves hanging from the courtyard platform from time to time show natural interest.

  • International Finance Center Phase II

Designed by American architect Sissa Perry and Hong Kong architect Yan Xunqi, the exterior walls are all glass walls, with crown and ivory decorations on the top and illuminated by projectors at night.

  • Hong Kong Cultural Centre

This is a modern performing arts centers, cultural centers like the back of the knife shape, simple and elegant streamlined roof, the building was the cover colonnade around the triangle of space, harmonious integration with the building itself.

  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University Jockey Club Innovation Building

Designed by Zaha Hadid, this 76-meter-high, sloping, irregularly streamed building is located in the northeastern part of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The innovative building is located through its location and the floor and windows it uses. The building materials such as pages show a streamlined and irregular shape, which is unique and cleverly uses the horizontal line design effect to integrate with the campus environment. The building is full of futuristic atmosphere both inside and outside, showing its unique personality through different angles.

In addition, everyone went to the commercial benchmarks Langham Place, Pacific Place, MEGBOX and other places. Everyone was refreshing the sense of appearance while walking, and the end of the trip to Hong Kong was overwhelming.

Finally, I would like to thank all the students and teachers who participated in the competition, thank you for your active participation!
At the same time, Cube is also looking forward to the fifteenth new cubic building talent award! I look forward to seeing you next year!