News丨Thirty Leaps, Ten Years Companion - Congratulations on the 30th Anniversary of the Galaxy Holding Group

On June 30th, the 30th Anniversary Brand and Strategy Launch Conference of Galaxy Holding Group was grandly opened, with more than 1,000 elites from domestic and foreign real estate, business, finance, culture and media circles attending. The atmosphere was lively and the stars gathered and the friends were full.

▲The conference was hosted by Phoenix TV host Wu Xiaoli.

▲Mr. Huang Chulong, Founder and Chairman of Xinghe Holding Group, delivered a speech

▲Ms. Yao Huiqiong, Vice Chairman and President of Galaxy Holding Group, released the brand strategy

▲Conference site

As a partner of Galaxy, Cube Design and Galaxy have been together for nearly 10 years. They have won the title of “Excellent Supplier of the Year” by Galaxy Holding Group and promoted the birth of many excellent projects together to help the development of the city. The one project and the footprints let us see the power of architecture and the infinite possibilities of the future. As stated on the 30th anniversary of the Galaxy: Keep everything better, not stop at the best.

Cube Design × Galaxy Group
Project display

Galaxy Mountain Bay Project Planning

The project combines the characteristics of the mountain and sea landscape of the base to achieve the goal of coordinating the Bay Area and radiating Huidong, and comprehensively creating the internationalization of the six functions of health care vacation, education service, commercial entertainment, venture capital incubation, health care and industrial research and development. Tourist Resort.

High School of Huiyang School affiliated to South China Normal University

This is a uniquely shaped and functional school. Architects draw on the advanced concepts of Europe and the United States to create a high school campus that inherits the spirit of South China Normal University and creates more flexible and open spaces for high school students with heavy academic qualifications. In the planning, a full-scale three-dimensional park-style school is built through the functional main shaft, the inner courtyard, the outdoor platform in front of the entrance square, and the corridor.

Huizhou Galaxy COCO Garden

The project is located in the residential area of Galaxy Dandi, Huizhou City, with excellent traffic conditions and good commercial value. The existing large-scale commercial distribution is far away, and this project is bound to become the core business of this area. Designed to enhance the customer's shopping experience through open business scenarios and the creation of green landscapes such as sky gardens and rooftop green trees. And with the interconnection of commercial mass, the space stretch and the concentration of people flow.

Huidong Galaxy Silver Bay Financial Street

The design utilizes good mountain and sea resources, unique geographical location, creates a space for harmonious development between man and nature, and creates a beautiful and comfortable high-quality coastal resort leisure residence. The planning and design starts from the coastline and forms two circular arcs that fit the coastline. On the basis of respecting the original environment, it forms a rich functional layout. The layout of the apartment is transparent, the vision is wide, the private swimming pool, large-area sight, home, and entrance are designed to create a high-quality and humanized living experience.

Galaxy Dandi Tianrui Garden

We will arrange the towers around the land, leaving a large courtyard in the middle to create a large garden-style living environment, while providing residents with comfortable outdoor activities. The buildings are staggered from each other to provide residents with a good view of the landscape. The parallel layout of the double-studded tower not only enriches the interior courtyard space, but also creates a good urban interface.

Galaxy Club

The design is inspired by the tea culture, seeking artistic conception in the tea experience, and obtaining the “purification” of sentiment or spirit. Chinese ink paintings and quaint wooden furniture that retains hand-crafted craftsmanship present a modern Chinese style with a “zen taste”. The detailed processing of the bar and space transitions injects modern aesthetic preferences into the space and realizes the integration of oriental culture and modern aesthetics.

I have not forgotten my heart for 30 years.
After thirty years, I’m going to take off again.
Starry river
Standing on a high point and leaping to another vertex
Re-starting with the mission of “City Operators”
The Galaxy will gather power inside and outside
Continue to promote urban upgrading
Take off with the city

Let us cheer for the Galaxy
Cheer for the spirit of the times