Cube design was awarded to the planning alliance member unit by OCT 


On November 26th, the OCT Planning and Planning Alliance Conference hosted by OCT Group and OCT Planning and Planning Alliance, OCT Innovation Research Institute and OCT East China Group was held in Shanghai. Adhering to the spirit of collaborative sharing, leading figures from all over the world in design, planning, technology, and culture, in the 100-year-old building of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce in Suhewan, OCT, perceive the future and explore new ways. Cube Design Partners Mr. Qiu Huikang and Ms. Wang Ying were invited to attend the meeting.


With the theme of “Perceive the Future”, the conference invites top experts and teams at home and abroad in planning, planning, design, culture, tourism, technology, media and industry to focus on cutting-edge academic thinking and the most advanced technology development. Combined with the practice of OCT project development and new urbanization, the company conducted in-depth discussions on humanities, culture, technology and cities, and explored urban and rural culture, cross-border integration of technology and humanities and industrial innovation. From multiple angles.


The conference issued certificates for the second batch of OCT planning and planning experts and member units.Cube Design has the honor to become one of the 44 member institutions of the top institutions in the international and domestic related fields. In this new platform, the Cube design will inherit the spirit of innovation and interact with many parties to inject new vitality into the architectural design and create a better space.