"Modest Construction"---Professor Li Baofeng's special lecture and the opening ceremony of the work was successfully held

On January 13th,Prof. Li Baofeng from Huazhong University of Science and Technology gave a special lecture and the opening ceremony of the work was successfully held at the cubic station.Sun Yimin, Dean of School of Architecture, South China University of Technology,Xiao Yiqiang, Associate Dean, School of Architecture, South China University of Technology,Professor Feng Jiang, School of Architecture, South China University of Technology,Liu Xiaodu, founder of urban practice,Professor, School of Architecture, Shenzhen University,Professor Zhong Zhong, Associate Dean of School of Architecture, Shenzhen University,Professor Zhang Yuxing, School of Architecture, Shenzhen University,Wang Xiaodong, Research Fellow, Institute of Planning and Architecture, Shenzhen University,Chief Planning Officer of Shenzhen Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. Qiu Feng,Huang Jie, Chief Architect, South China Center, Beijing Architectural Design Institute,Jiang Gang, Chief Architect of Guangdong Provincial Architectural Design Institute,Zhang Yili, Secretary General of Shenzhen Institute of Architects,Zhou Jin, Chief Architect of Shenzhen Planning and Land Development Research Center,Li Jian, Director and Director of Design Management Department of China Overseas Real Estate Group,Hong Kong Nansha Original Architecture Studio Founder / Hosting Architect Liu Heng,Feng Guochuan, deputy chief architect of Shenzhen Zhubo Architectural Design Co., Ltd.,Pang Wei, General Manager and Chief Designer of Guangzhou Turen Landscape Consultancy Co., Ltd.,Haimin’s chief architect Bai Min,Founding Partner of Cube Design Qiu Huikang, Xiang Daqing,academic and industry big gatherings come together to talk about the harmony between architecture and nature.

With the arrival of the guests and the audience, the opening ceremony gradually began.The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Wang Yuan,Sun Yimin, Dean of the School of Architecture of South China University of Technology, and Liu Xiao, the founder of Urban Practice, delivered speeches for the opening ceremony,Qiu Huikang, founding partner of the host Cube Design, welcomed the guests and the audience.Finally, the speech of Professor Li Baofeng, the protagonist of this event, ended the opening ceremony.

Understanding of nature: Reading in Landscape

The experience of youth has laid a solid foundation for Professor Li Baofeng's architectural concept of “modest construction”. During the period from 1974 to 1976 when the educated youth went to the countryside, Professor Li Baofeng was in close contact with nature. The adaptation of the peasant cultivation to the laws of nature also affected the formation of Li's later architectural view. This influence is merged with the experience of studying in Germany in the future, and the concept of “modest construction” is beginning to take shape. Professor Li Baofeng was deeply touched by his concept of “Reading in Landscape” during his time as an assistant to Professor Thomas Schmidt at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. The word “read” differs from “watch”, “see” and “look”. It reflects an understanding of nature and an attitude towards the place.

When studying in Europe, the German architect Hans Sharon was inspired by the organic architecture of nature. Professor Li Baofeng was deeply touched. The modesty of nature is also influenced by geology. The geological history of 50 million years of human civilization compared to hundreds of millions of years is nothing but a gap. From then on, in work practice, we pay tribute to everything that precedes human existence.

The landscape architect's attitude towards the base gives new possibilities to architectural design. In the school curriculum, landscape design and architectural design are two different systems. The “viewing” in architectural design cannot be called “design”. In the eyes of landscape architects, everything about the land is alive and changing. They can see the complexity of the land in the design, the history and story of the land, and the ecological structure and security of the land. Just as a person's face reflects the era and environment in which it is located, the site of the building is equally story and complex and should be understood and applied in the design of the building.

The building should conform to the site, treat the site gently like a traditional building, retain its original natural characteristics, and consider the relationship between the building and the site.

Practice firsthand

Awe-inspiring, modest and constructive, this concept is reflected in the works of Professor Li Baofeng. The design of the Zhengzhou Yellow River National Geological Museum “takes local materials”, using the old caves to build a new building of the museum; Wuhan Huagongda Innovation Enterprise Base, fully considering the relationship between buildings and cities, planning the line of sight from the city road to the water’s edge The gallery not only reflects the characteristics of Wuhan as a multi-lake city, but also adds some wild interest to the hustle and bustle of the city; the World Geological Museum on the Yuntai, in order to better restore the original appearance of the scenic spot, reduce the occlusion, and “consolidate the building” ", reduce the volume of the building. At the same time, the building skin is made of recycled concrete. For the resource-exhausted city of Jiaozuo, the concept of sustainable development is metaphorized.

Hubei Qinglongshan Dinosaur Egg Relics Museum, focusing on the site, site selection, built the museum on the site, showing the original appearance of the site, but also retains historical memory. Create a dark atmosphere, highlight the exhibits with a light tube, and use the plank road to separate the pedestrians from the exhibits, reducing the damage to the exhibits. The double-layer tile is used to adjust the indoor temperature, and the bamboo springboard is used as the concrete outer formwork. These materials are also made from the local materials, which make the building better blend into the site. Enshi daughterstay resort town, the town is built on the mountain, and the houses are stacked. Located on the mountain, in the process of design, it fully respects the original characteristics of the site; the 10th China International Garden Expo Wuhan Yangtze River Civilization Museum transforms the garbage dump into an elegant city park to solve urban problems, building roof bridge It can be used for viewing or visiting, and it is perfectly integrated into the terrain and environment.

Guest talk

After the speech, they entered the guest talks. The academic and industry-wide great people had an in-depth exchange on architecture and nature. The scene was bursting with applause from time to time. Famous landscape architects Pang Wei and Professor Li Baofeng discussed architecture and landscape. Landscape design and architectural design should not be divided into two. It is a better way to put them in the same system.

Xiao Yiqiang, deputy dean of the School of Architecture, South China University of Technology,Professor Feng Jiang, School of Architecture, South China University of Technology,Hong Kong Nansha Original Architecture Studio Founder / Hosting Architect Liu Heng,the founding partner of Cube Design launched a second round of talks with Xiang Daqing,it is not only a talk, but also alumni gathering. These architectural circles, which were studied at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in different periods, benefited from Professor Li Baofeng’s architectural view during his student days. Nowadays, more and more new works of Teacher Li are coming out, each of which expresses his attitude towards architecture and nature. This attitude has become a kind of power to enlighten students. As a kind of inheritance, these are already in their respective fields. Students who become the backbone will also create works that are more valuable, respectful of nature, respect for life and our culture.

The good times are always short, and the lectures are coming to an end in the enthusiastic questions of the audience. However, the influence of Professor Li Baofeng’s “modest construction” concept will not end, it will affect more and more people. There will be more people working hard to create a beautiful and harmonious environment.