On March 30th, the Shenzhen Pingshan Art Museum (New Hall), which had already passed the construction circle, was opened. This collection of Wang Shu, Lu Wenyu, Zhang Yonghe, Cui Kai, Wang Jianguo, Meng Jianmin, Yao Dajun, Yuan Shun and other buildings The exhibitions of artists and artists participated in the exhibition on the day of the opening event and attracted many insiders from inside and outside the industry. These "fans" are a master of true abilities, coming from all over the country, such as going to a grand event.

opening ceremony

Unknown City: China Contemporary Architecture Installation Image Exhibition (Pingshan)

The opening exhibition of Pingshan Art Museum (New Hall) in Shenzhen is hosted by Shenzhen Pingshan District People's Government, Zhang Yuxing, Yecheng and Hanjing as curators. The exhibition will last from March 30 to September 30. This is a large-scale professional theme exhibition, including 71 (group) works including architects, planners, designers, artists, and urban researchers. In a pedigree manner, the exhibition considers the systemic state of the human material living space and the direction of the development of a new generation of future architecture from multiple fields and perspectives.

works on display at an exhibition

Cube design is one of the exhibitors, and its work "Box City" is exhibited on the fifth floor of the exhibition hall. The works use daily life objects and the power of public participation, from scratch, from now to the future, from known to unknown.The angle responds to the theme of “unknown city”and is also an art act involving all people.

Box City: A Future City Built Together by You and Me

Food, books, medicines, electronics, cosmetics, express delivery... All the products in life will produce boxes, which are evidence that we live in the era of consumption. They are densely packed, shaping our lives and changing our city.

Our city is being occupied by various "boxes".

What kind of city would it be if it were built out of discarded boxes produced by humans?

Cube Exhibition Works

The exhibition's introduction states, "' every man is an architect 'because it is human nature to build, as it is to eat and to dress. Architecture may be truly liberated when we give back the right to build to each individual. The concept of "box city" comes not only from everyday objects, but also from the self-declaration of "everyone is an architect". In an era when there was no profession as an architect, people built their own houses, shaped them as they liked, cut the Windows and left the doors open. But with the development of civilization and the progress of science and technology, "building a house" has become a unified planning, precise calculation and even complicated project, and the best-selling houses are copied from one city to another. While enjoying the city, people are also far away from it.

So we wanted to start with everyday objects and give the right to build back to everyone.

Children participating in "city building"

Throughout the exhibition, visitors are free to construct "future" cities using recyclable boxes, and each person can read "build" on top of the previous one until the end of the exhibition. Among them, several boxes "respond to urban problems with architectural strategies", while the model of the real work we designed is placed randomly, which forms a contrast with the construction of the visitor's box, and also integrates into it.

The concepts of waste utilization, ecological recycling and sustainable development are once again applied in architecture, and we seem to see more hope in these small future architects. When the "city" is built day by day, the camera records the process in real time. The projector plays the previous day's builder and the state of the city, which makes people expect the creation of the next builder.

In the end, the exhibition ends, but the "building" doesn't stop.

Mr. Qiu Huikang participated in the construction together with the audience.

No one can guess the final appearance of Box City. On the first day of the launch, Box City was not the best, because it was not until the last day of the exhibition that we could see that the city that was “covered” by everyone was on the rise. What kind of state is it.

We hope that everyone can participate and look forward to the future.

works construction process

○ Exhibition time: March 30, 2019 to September 30, 2019

○ Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (stop admission at 16:00)

Free of charge, closed on Mondays, excluding holidays

○ Exhibition location: Shenzhen Pingshan Art Museum (new hall)