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Cube Design's Architectural Expedition Tour in 2019

The first stop begins with Macao, where history and modernity collide

Open the curtain of our whole year's "World Architectural Exploration Tour"

Some of them took part in the tour

Cube Design Excellent Graduates Employees 2018

There are also award-winning teachers and students of Cube New Architectural Talents Award

The “Cube New Architectural Talent Award” is a design competition jointly organized by Cube Design and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, School of Architecture and Urban Planning. It has been held for 15 years. During the event, we invited the 15 session of teachers and students who won the “Cube New Architectural Talent Award” to conduct research and exchanges between Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao.

The first stop for the award-winning teachers and students to shenzhen is to visit the office of Cube Design in Nanshan District -- Square Station. The exhibition of Cube Design works "2018, the future of Cube participation" is on display. The students watch the exhibited works with great interest and have strong interest in architectural model, design analysis diagram and image video.

If the square station shows a free and open office environment, then when you come to the company headquarters, it shows a different state. The office space is spacious and bright,and more than 300 architects are working in an orderly and busy way. While visiting the office environment, the students also experienced the work of architects from a distance.They participate in meetings or discussions with architects, talk to senior architects, and gain insight into the industry they are entering.

▲Cube Design partner Qiu Huikang talks with students

Among them, an indispensable part is to visit the well-known project of Cube Design in Shenzhen. Lu Wenjian, the design director, led the teachers and students to visit the Nankai Building, China Resources City Runfu, Shenzhen Talent Park, and OCT Neuschwanstein several classic projects, and to explain in detail. Visit the construction site, use your eyes to observe, touch with your hands, and believe that the architects can more deeply understand the design ideas contained in the building.

▍Cube Design Shenzhen Classic Project——

▲Nankai Building

▲China Resources City Runfu

OCT Neuschwanstein

▲Shenzhen Talent Park

Early the next morning, the teachers and students are leaving for Macao. This city is famous for its historic buildings and modern style buildings, which excites architectural students. Next, let's follow their eyes to experience this wonderful architectural tour of Macao!

Ruins of St.Paul

The Ruins of St. Paul's cathedral is one of the landmark buildings in Macao. This is the site of the front wall of the church, which was once the mother of Catholic. Later, because of the fire, only the front wall of the church is left now, because it looks like a Chinese archway. This building is a typical baroque building, but it has an obvious Oriental architectural color. It is carved with peonies representing China and chrysanthemums representing Japan, a classic combination of Chinese and western.

Macao Senado Square

Senado Square is located on the most prosperous street in Macau, next to Xinma Road. There is an iconic fountain in the center of the square. The entire square pavement is paved with black and white Portuguese gravel, forming a wavy pattern. Portuguese style. Buildings around the square, such as the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, the Tourism Bureau, the Post Office and the Renci Hall, are of Southern European architectural style and are exotic.

Venetian Resort

The Venetian resort is built on the prototype of Venice, Italy. It has Venetian arch bridge, Grand Canal, stone road, and exotic architectural decoration. It is magnificent and magnificent, showing the romantic and bold charm of paper and gold everywhere.

Apple Sands City Store

Designed by British architecture firm Foster + Partners, the apple sands center is the world's first apple retail store with a bamboo grove. It blends the bamboo forest into the pure geometry of the building, bringing a peaceful, technological, recreational and artistic atmosphere to the city residents, like an oasis in a bustling city.

City of Dreams Macau Morpheus

The hotel where everyone stays at night is the famous Zaha-designed Morpheus hotel. This “free-form exoskeleton” building has become one of Macau's landmarks. Its smooth lines,beautiful curve shape, bold and unobtrusive. The amazing thing is not only the shape of the hotel, but also its interior space. Entering the hotel lobby, you will be surrounded by a space full of geometric patterns, like entering a kaleidoscope of the world. This geometrically beautiful structure not only enriches the layering of the inner space, but also conveys a luxurious atmosphere that is fascinating.

In addition to these famous architectural attractions, the teachers and students also visited the science museum designed by IM Pei, the Fisherman's Wharf with European town characteristics, the Portuguese architectural style street and the golden ring, the natural beach and the black sand beach. The world's only 8-word Ferris wheel and so on. The collision between history and modernity, the fusion of the West and the East, every attraction is amazing.

The Cube Design Annual Architecture Study Tour has just begun, and the next exciting journey is worth looking forward to! If you want to join our , remember to pay attention to our next "Cube Design New Building Talent Award" design competition, as well as campus recruitment notice.

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