Last weekend, along with a spring rain in the afternoon, the opening ceremony of “2019 WCY Regional Studio Works Exhibition and Academic Forum” was successfully held, bringing a timely and moisturizing “Spring Rain” to Shenzhen.


Opening ceremony: shenzhen and guangzhou famous architects gathered

On April 27, 2019, “Local Graphic – 2019 WCY Regional Studio Works Exhibition and Academic Forum” was grandly opened. The event was hosted by Cube Design and New Architecture Magazine, Hunan University Architecture College and Local Studio. Vanke Cloud Design Co-organized by the commune, Wang Yuan, a professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, specially planned. Liu Heng, Liu Xiaodu, Fan Chunqing, Rao Xiaojun, Zhang Zhiyang, Pang Wei, Tang Zhihua, Feng Guochuan, Han Jing, Qin Li, Tang Keyang, Zhu Xiongyi, Shen Chi, Chen Zetao, Xiao Cheng, Duan Anan and other guests attended the opening ceremony and exchanged views.

▲The guest spoke at the opening ceremony 

Wei Chunyu said in the opening speech that on the one hand, the exhibition wanted to take the opportunity to meet everyone and strengthen friendship. On the other hand, this year is the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the School of Architecture of Hunan University. In 1929, famous architects Liu Dunzhen and Liu Shiying founded the architectural discipline in the civil engineering department. For 90 years now, this small exhibition was held as a series of 90th anniversary activities, and further exchanges were made with architects through academic forums.

▲Exhibition unveiling ceremony

For the reason of curation, curator Wang Yuan said, “Mr. Wei’s studio is called “WCY Regional Studio”, which is very strong in geography, and Shenzhen is a very fast-growing city and also a design capital. ', I am very curious about what kind of tension 
the local studios will form in a fast-growing city. In addition, Vanke Cloud Design Corporation has gathered more and more design companies, and CUBE Station is just a very good communication platform. Exhibitions allow more design companies and architects to communicate."

Academic Forum: Graphic Language and Architectural Creation 

On the opening day of the academic forum, Wei Chunyu explained the concept of“pattern”in the speech, the study of Chirico's paintings and the work of Aldo Rossi, and the use of his techniques in architectural works. Later, in the two forums hosted by Rao Xiaojun and Pang Wei, the guests discussed and talked about the "local schema" and the works of Wei Chunyu's local studio in recent years. The atmosphere was very warm. In 
the different exchanges and collisions of the guests, the audience has a deeper understanding of the local studio works.

▲Wei Chunyu lecture

Wonderful point of view: 

Over the years, local studios have been looking for a fulcrum, a fulcrum that can be called a "place."
Local studio is committed to regional typology research, seeking a regional general types of morphological characteristics, prototype, regional type is the result of the natural climate, the adaptability of life custom, at the same time, the studio also focus on regional types of modern fitness, and trying to build a regional typology based on the design and cognitive value system.

The process of architectural creation thinking is the process of subject receiving, processing, creating and feedbacking external information. The process is inseparable from the role and influence of schema. In other words, schema can be an important way to study architectural thinking. The architectural thinking schema itself is an invisible and intangible abstraction that cannot be directly interpreted and analyzed, but it can be reproduced in the media such as drawing, painting and architectural entities through the role of “projection” in psychological phenomena. This process of transformation from the mind pattern in the mind of the architect to the ematerial medium is essentially the process of “pattern reproduction”.

Exhibition of works: shocking presentation of extreme ingenuity

The exhibition exhibits several important works completed by WCY Regional Studio in recent years, including Tianhan Cultural Park, Xie Zilong Image Art Museum, Li Zijian Art Museum, Zhangjiajie Museum and so on. Through pictures, models, images, text and iPad browsing, the exhibition presents the effect of the works in an all-round way and interprets the theme of "local schema".



 ▲Wei chunyu explains the exhibition for guests 

In the interview, Wei Chunyu introduced us to the idea of this exhibition. Over the years, local studios have been looking for a fulcrum, a fulcrum that can be called a "place." Local studios want to break through the narrow understanding of "place" and expand the concept of "place" into a design value system, not a concept of spatial positioning. This concept is "locality" or "typology." In recent projects, local studios have attempted to use graphic language to express deep impressions of people's subconscious minds about space. This is the “metaphysical” topic that local studios are concerned about – what kind of perception do we have in the same space? It is also the theme that I want to explore through this exhibition. In academic forums, local studios talked about the expressions of “pattern prototypes”, “place semantics”, “landscape fractals”, and “local schemas”. This is a discussion of local studios who have been "based on the localities and want to use the design logic of the map to cross the localities" over the years.


This exhibition will be one of the exhibitions of the 2019 Shenzhen Cultural Fair Design Commune, which will be open to the public during the fair. The exhibition lasts until May 27th and welcomes everyone to visit! 

Exhibition information —— 

Exhibition period: April 27th - May 27th 9:00am-20:00pm
          (Shenzhen Nanshan District Vanke Cloud Design Corporation B612)