PartnerDirectorChuntao Deng

Bachelor of Architecture, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Liuzhou Architectural Design and Research Institute Architect from 1994 to 2000
Shenzhen Institute of Architectural Design and Research, 2000-2002
2002-present, Shenzhen Cube Architectural Design Consultant Co., Ltd. Technical Director
In 2009, the first prize of the Ministry of Machinery Design

Ms. Deng Chuntao is an architect who is rigorous and good at researching. She is especially good at projects with complex functional and technical requirements. She is passionate about multi-disciplinary collaboration across disciplines and likes to make judgments and designs based on meticulous research. He has extensive experience in the design, management and construction of large government public service projects, commercial complexes, super high-rise office buildings, apartments and high-end residential projects. With solid design theory, profound normative understanding and extensive construction practices, we are committed to achieving high quality built quality. The projects she participated in received many awards: Shenzhen Software Industry Base won the second prize of Shenzhen City Survey and Public Building Category; Hongshu Bianyuan won the third prize of Guangdong Province Survey Award for Residential and Community; Banshan Garden received Shenzhen Survey Award First class award for residential.