PartnerDirectorEnrico Kremp micheal

German branch partner / chief architect
Member of the Hamburg Architects Association
Member of Thuringia Architects
kpa kremp architect
Dresden University of Technology, Master of Engineering

Enrico Kremp micheal joined Cube Design in 2007 and is currently an Executive Director of Cube Germany. He believes that "every design should be developed on the basis of understanding the local, providing the best technical solutions that are simple and beautiful." He has great advantages in design execution, approval, open space design, architecture visualization, etc. His keen insight and international professional design level inject new vitality into his design. The German company has grown rapidly under the leadership of Enricoe kremp. The famous projects include Shenzhen Huangting Building, Qingdao Tian'an Digital City, Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology City, Nankai Building and Chengdu Fantasia Fu Nian Plaza.