Partner / General Manager
National First-class Certified Architect
National first-level registered structural engineer
National Registered City Planner
Wuhan University of Technology, Bachelor of Architecture
Former Director of the Urban Planning and Design Institute of Jingzhou City, Hubei Province
Hubei Jianyifeng Deputy Chief Architect / Head of Program Department
Zhejiang Tianyun Deputy General Manager / Technical Leader
Huayang International Industrialization Co., Ltd. Chief Architect / Chief Operating Officer

Hua Zhou is the general manager and construction drawing manager of the cubic design Shenzhen B office. His project experience covers residential, office, industrial park, commercial complex and other types. It is Kexing Science Park, Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Eco-city, Huizhou Xinghe Dandi. The head of the construction drawing of the project, such as Hongshu Bieyuan and Chenghan Banshanhai. With a wealth of project practice and management experience, and consistently consistent excellence in project quality and delivery, it has received wide acclaim.
At the same time, Hua Zhou is also an approachable, executive-minded, well-thought-out leader who is good at creating a culture of teamwork and equal communication, and welcomes criticism and confrontation with an open mind. Focus on the common development of team members, encourage and help subordinates to succeed.