PartnerDirectorHuikang Qiu

Partner / Executive Director / Chief Architect
National First-Class Certified Architect
Shenzhen Planning and Land Resources Committee Construction Specialist
The first “Top Ten Young Designers” in Shenzhen Survey and Design Industry
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Master of Architecture
Former Senior Architect of Hong Kong Huayi Design Consultant Co., Ltd., Deputy Manager of Hong Kong Company

Mr. Qiu Huikang is an energetic architect who is passionate about and passionate about architectural design. His ingenuity in architectural design brings inspiration to the team and deep insight into the development of the city and industry for over 20 years. In the design practice, the team is committed to creatively exploring system solutions to achieve a win-win situation between the project and the city, customers and users. Mr. Qiu Huikang and his colleagues have completed countless creative designs in various types of projects and won numerous awards. As a managing partner, Mr. Qiu Huikang not only instructs architects and engineers to complete projects with high standards, but also considers the future feasibility and long-term goals of the project.