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Hangzhou, Zhejiang









The project is located in the residential expansion area in the north of the core area of Xiaoshan District. It is about 15 kilometers away from the center of Hangzhou. The traffic around the site is convenient and the accessibility is excellent. The south is the urban public green space and the Beitang River. Road, east of a 12m planning road. In terms of planning and design, we strive to create rich product types and space forms. The style is unified, the personality is diverse, and the artistic atmosphere is strong. It is the representative of fashion style life. The layout of the entire community is arranged symmetrically in the courtyard, creating a landscape garden inside the community, reflecting the privacy and sense of space of the high-end community. The influence of the planned track on the internal noise of the community has also ensured the maximum sight distance between high-rises, so that as many units as possible can see the central garden, emphasizing the uniformity of the community landscape, and matching the size of the units with the quality of the landscape To maximize the value of the plot. The overall plan strives to embody a stylish, urban-quality community, a memory of campus life. A unique and chic clubhouse is set up at the North Entrance, which is the best experience for sharing communication and fashionable quality of life.

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