Guangzhou MCC Yijing Mansion

Guangzhou, Guangdong








Residential Building

The project is located in a convenient transportation hub network, enjoying mature resources. Here, according to international landmark standards, create a space for harmonious development between people and nature, build a residential community in Guangzhou City Central Dinghao, build a beautiful, safe, comfortable and humane society, and meet new consumption by creating new lifestyle Circle layer. All villas are south-facing large-faced wide halls, maximizing communication with the courtyard space, pursuing the fluidity of the courtyard space, returning to ecological luxury living experiences such as "luxury space, priceless privacy". The design of the new Chinese-style villa continues the concept of accessories of Chinese architecture, refining the classic elements, simplifying and enriching it, making the overall design of the villa more concise and elegant. The space layout is decorated and embellished with the basic characteristics of the enclosed style, the front yard and the backyard, and the traditional Chinese architectural elements as the decoration and embellishment.

Design Construction Built Video

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