CIFI•Christian Era

Foshan, Guangdong




20 0000m²




Residential Building

The Fenjiang North Road and Wenchang Road where the project is located are the main traffic routes in Chancheng District. Within the scope of the area, Foshan Road, Wenchang Road, Fenjiang North Road, Zhongshan Road, Cargo Station Road, Industrial Road and other urban traffic guidance capabilities The project area brings the advantages of efficient and convenient regional transportation, and the west side of the base is the main flow of people. Relying on the existing urban environment of Zhongshan Park, borrowing scenery to build a vibrant community of "Internet + Urban Renewal + Modern Fashion". Create a perfect integration of architecture and environment, high-quality, comfortable humanities \ life \ work model. The residential area and the commercial area are integrated, independent of each other, with dynamic and static zones, and complementary functions. The garden-like layout of the park makes the living and shopping environment no longer single. Gather cultural concepts, add more life elements and scenes, and improve life taste.

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CIFI•Christian Era