COP Haikou Jincheng









Residential Building

The project is located in the central part of Haikou City, in a central cluster area, 5 kilometers away from the provincial government and the core business district-the international trade circle. The surrounding traffic is convenient, the supporting facilities are abundant, and it has superior environmental resources. The project aims to create a light and luxurious urban style and a noble and elegant modern community. The purpose of this case is to maximize the use of landscape resources in the south side of the water stream and urban green belt, so as to make every household get a good sight of the landscape. The facade style adopts modern and elegant style, which reflects the fashionable, modern, noble and elegant temperament, exquisite organization and light luxury urban style. On the basis of modern elegant volume, adding appropriate amount of threading to important parts, forming the style of Robert Stern. With a modern and elegant facade architecture style, a high-quality residence like a diamond is created, making it a beautiful landscape in Haikou.

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