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The outstanding Zhonghao project is located in the east boundary of Guancheng District, Dongguan City, close to Dongcheng District. It is one of the most powerful and energetic wealth-rich treasures, entrepreneurial hotspots and livable cities in the Dongguan urban circle. Therefore, this outstanding China Marketing Center is committed to creating a intersection of traditional industrial imprints and modern fashion trends.

design concept:
The design of the Excellence Lieutenant Marketing Center is inspired by water, and the two sequences of wavy lines continue the theme of the water wave.
The corrugation of the outer sequence—the façade along the street, the ripples created by the virtual and solid cuts, and the organic combination of the façade curves naturally create a sense of sequence in the main entrance of the marketing center.
The corrugation of the internal sequence – the entrance to the marketing center from the façade of the corrugated curve further extends the theme of the water flow of the water wave element, making the entire marketing center complement each other from element to theme.
The flow of water fluctuates, symbolizing a powerful forward movement and movement. The theme of running water will focus on the continuity and interpretation of the sales center. The flowing water is soothing, letting people relax and calm down, giving customers a unique and extraordinary experience and visual experience.
architectural design:
This design realizes the avant-garde, space and innovation of the building, focusing on the integration of the building body with the interior and the environment. The overall style of the building is full of futuristic. The venue sets different landscape height differences and communicates with the ladder. Each part of the entity is independent but closely connected.

The facade of the building is represented by a large area of ultra-clear glass and metal. These two materials form a strong contrast and give the building an avant-garde, stylish image, only to present a modern, international sales center temperament.

Some of the north and south sides of the building are high-altitude white glass, while the east is all ultra-white glass. The large transparent transparent white glass of the building is only for the better wave form that can transmit the undulating flow of the indoor space. It can clearly see that the dynamic waves from the south to the north are transmitted. Some prominent ceilings and floors give the eastern large glass a three-dimensional depth. It guarantees the purity and tranquility of the entire building facade, and organically solves the relationship between functional lighting and the form of the facade.

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