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Interior Design

The Xiqiao Haoting Project is located in the prosperous center of Luohu commercial trade.
For the first old project of Xiangcun, the village of Zhangcun is a descendant of Zhangliang in the Han Dynasty. It has a history of more than 630 years, a quaint Zhang’s ancestral hall, a generous genealogy, a 60-year-old “Taiping Qingyi”, Chongyang Autumn On the basis of preserving the historical imprint, the design is integrated with the modern international city. The whole is visually created with the modern aesthetic appeal as the standard. The details are added to the Chinese elements of modern texture materials in space. Interspersed, stainless steel Chinese-style screens have a unique meaning, to remove the complexity and ambiguity, but the flow is still beautiful, but the big but the fine.

In terms of materials, the wood color, the black-and-white gray tone stone, and the dark-faced wall finishes, which are closest to nature, are selected to be unified and unified, which shows a kind of restrained beauty.
Large-area floor-to-ceiling glass incorporates natural scenery into the space, emphasizing communication, penetration and integration of internal and external environments. The rounded Japanese landscape of the mountains next to the sand plate area is characterized by high and low curved metal screens, fine sand, dead stones and crystal lamps in the air. The evolution of Lingnan custom wall paintings, exquisite titanium crystal stainless steel edge, wall and ground stone patterns, unique lighting fixtures and accessories form a fusion of modern and traditional in space.
The space of the whole space is simple, with dark coffee wood veneer and bright gold as the main color, bright orange and lake blue as embellishment, a small amount of metal texture intervention, so that this place of business has a more clear space temperament.
It turns out that in the reinforced concrete city, there is a place in the city, a warm tea, a group of Lingnan murals, and set aside the world, like a wanderer returning home, find a place for cultural rest, so comfortable.

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