Tianjian Jingtian Industrial Zone School

South China, Shenzhen, Guangdong




0.9 万m²


Conceptual Design


Culture, Education

This is a supporting school in an urban renewal project with a capacity of 24 classes of primary schools. Because of the limited space, the architect “moved” the runway and basketball court to the roof, and the building was formed according to the runway enclosure. The oval-shaped teaching building, like a courtyard, brings an inward-looking sense of security and creates a learning and growth paradise for children. The stairs connect the ground floor to the various floors and the roof runway. Children can play freely in the enclosed school, from the first floor to the roof runway, and enjoy the running.

City deck
In combination with the requirements for urban space in the statutory plans, we propose the design concept of “city deck”, which creates a rich image of urban space through the design method of layering out. The multi-level green retreat provides plenty of outdoor space to create a sense of life in a vertical forest for urban people in the reinforced concrete jungle.
Open commercial block (open block)
The case is located in a regional community-based business, designed in the form of an open block to solve the "last mile" problem for the project and surrounding residents. Focusing on the business styles of young people's preferences, ways of thinking, and life concepts, we will create a new bright spot for consumption in Dongguan and shape the regional new life center.
Maximize product value
The size of the apartment in this project is relatively large. In order to improve the market competitiveness of apartment-type products, we have designed a kitchen with a gas-passing type, which greatly improves the homeness of apartment products. Taking advantage of the 4.5-meter height of the apartment, the latter can be transformed into two upper and lower layers to maximize product value.
On the second floor of the apartment, we can use the standard of 6 meters high. We designed the innovative Shangshu products, and later transformed them into two complete layers, creating a marketing highlight of "buy one layer to send one layer".
Industrial wind spirit fortress
This project belongs to the historical protection zone. In order to reflect the typical characteristics of the Dongguan Industrial Park in the early stage of reform and opening up, the historical memory I survived. We put forward the concept of "spiritual fortress". The planning uses the division form of the grid network, and sets up an open space of 2,000 square meters. Combined with the landscape design, the landscape pieces with the characteristics and connotations of the historical sections are displayed, showing the continuation and recall of the historical features.
Refined residential design
The project has a small volume of housing, and it adopts a publicly-built façade to form a unified modern style with apartments and office façades to create a high-end project image. Fully excavate the value of the single-family product, and carry out the humanized fine design of each detail.

Design Construction Built Video

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