Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biennale exhibition Guangming Branch

South China,Shenzhen Guangdong




1,000 m²


Conceptual Design,Integrated Design



The project serves as the corporate exhibition hall of the Guangming Town Project of OCT, and meets the requirements for the temporary exhibition of the Biennial Bright Exhibition. The overall planning idea is to dismantle the middle row of old houses, rebuild the existing gas station and keep about 392m2 of the two old houses on the east and west sides, and add about 592m2 of new buildings on this basis.

The new building pursues simplicity, modernity and lightness, and it has a strong contrast with the existing old houses of the site, and realizes the new and old symbiosis in function, space and vision. The building uses lightweight metal and transparent glass to define the indoor and outdoor space. Combined with the use of steel structure, it creates a light and transparent visual image, which absorbs the forest landscape to the greatest extent, blurs the indoor and outdoor boundaries, and reduces its existence. sense. The new building and the surrounding environment thus create a subtle sense of harmony.

The building's plane is not clearly defined, making the building flexible and fluid. After the two old buildings were demolished, the remaining perimeter walls were structurally reinforced and the mottled traces on the walls were preserved, creating an interesting historical and modern dialogue. After the original roof was demolished, the roof structure was reconstructed with steel structure and the old tiles were recycled. The new and old vocabulary were rearranged and combined. The original building was given new language, new space, new functions, new vitality, new and old buildings and The environment is symbiotic.

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