Xi'an Fengdong Overseas Chinese Town

Xixian New District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province




200 ha


Phase one planning and design



On February 25 this year, the large-scale cultural tourism comprehensive project of fengdong OCT was invested 67 billion yuan! This project carries the OCT Group initiative to implement the national “Belt and Road” initiative in the new era, and actively explores the important mission of the large Xi'an cultural industry, global tourism, new urbanization, site protection, rural rejuvenation, and rural complex. It is one of the important contents of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Xi'an City and OCT Group, and it is also a powerful measure for the development of cultural tourism industry in Xixian New Area.

The cultural tourism industry is one of the six leading industries in Xixian New District. Xixian New District strives to develop into a 100 billion-level cultural tourism industry cluster dominated by historical and cultural tourism and cultural creativity, becoming a large Xi'an cultural tourism industry. The new engine of development, new power.

Under such a background, OCT Group and Xixian New Area have joined hands to create a large-scale cultural tourism comprehensive project in Jidong OCT, which integrates cultural tourism, site protection, beautiful countryside and new urbanization.

The first phase of the project was completed by the cubic planning design. The cube is based on the Dajing National Grand Site. It integrates the ecological resources of the Weihe River and integrates the historical and cultural symbols of the Western Zhou Dynasty to create a three-dimensional ecological community with open and inclusive features and historical and cultural characteristics.

Close to the waterfront, adjacent to the historic site
Location × Overview

Xi'an, a famous historical and cultural city, the famous ancient capital of the 13th Dynasty, not only has profound historical and cultural heritage, but also develops rapidly in the process of modernization. The project is located in Xi'an's main city function new district and ecological garden new city - Jidong New District, 40 km from Xi'an Center. Minutes of driving, the underground rail transit system is developed, forming a “3 hour” living circle with the surrounding provincial capitals.
The base is adjacent to the Weihe Ecological Scenic Area, located in the Zhou, Qin and Han Dynasties cultural belts, close to the Fengsong Site, with good natural waterfront and cultural location advantages. Based on the Jingjing site and featuring cultural tourism, it will help build the development structure of the Jidong area, form three modern service cores with the surrounding Xianyang Center and the Xi'an main city, and jointly construct the development pattern of Xi'an tourism city. problem.

Thirty years of experience in the city, building new dreams
Case × Positioning

Through the study of the OCT city model, we further explore the many possibilities of the large-scale cultural tourism project planning in eastern Fujian. Take Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town as an example. This is a multi-functional complex that integrates residence, industry, culture, ecology and commerce. Cultural and creative parks, art galleries, playgrounds, featured parks and other diverse public resources are densely distributed, country parks, golf. The natural ecology and architecture of the stadium, the seaside park are closely stitched together. The theme of the International Beer Festival, the Chinese National Temple Fair, the Halloween Carnival and other cultural events have become the window of Shenzhen's international display.
Relying on the experience of the theme park camp city of OCT for 30 years, based on the base landscape resources of the base, continuing the historical context of Jidong, giving full play to the advantages of location transportation and adapting to the development trend of Xi'an integration, we want to build a multi-city life through ancient and modern times. The joy of the waterfront city.

Craftsman camp, heritage
Design × strategy

"Zhou Li·Kao Gong Ji" records, "The craftsman camps the country, Fang Jiuli, next to the three gates. Guozhong Jiujing Jiuwei, through the nine tracks. Zuozu Youshe, facing the market. City Chaoyifu." We refine The idea of the Putrajaya in the craftsmanship of the country, while inheriting the local context, retains good ecological resources, integrates diverse modern commercial elements, and forms the layout of “dual-core, three-axis, three-lane, five-center”.
The whole area is divided into the north and south movements. The North District is a colorful and joyful and vibrant city with Happy Valley, Happy Coast City Complex and OCT Youth Community. The Southern District is Huizhi Town, Shijingli Humanities Community, Suibin Ecological Park, etc. Create a city of technological innovation and humanity.
Different forms of buildings infiltrate each other, creating a flexible multi-dimensional space that runs through the three-dimensional corridors of the north and south, reducing the separation of roads from the north and south regions; the orbital site seamlessly interfaces with underground businesses, creating conditions for efficient and convenient access of people; Road, the underlying overhead garage displays a contemporary image of the city; high and low buildings bring an elegant skyline.
In addition to the above concepts, the focus of the project also includes ecological greening. The ecological corridor connects the Weihe River and the Jingjing site in an all-round way, replacing the linear greening with the surface greening, emphasizing the construction of the group greening and the park system, breaking through the single structure, and combining the points and lines to form an ecological network covering the entire territory. And infiltrate the green into the community, creating a continuous, comfortable and energetic walking space environment through a variety of public spaces to stimulate the vitality of the community. The networked green space system allows the city to blend with nature and grow together.

Modern multifunctional complex
Theme project × show

Happy Valley
With the theme of the Silk Road, we reshape the magical scenes and exotic customs along the Silk Road. Through the three-dimensional integrated entertainment experience of water, land and air, we can interpret the charm of sound and light, and create a never-ending joyful carnival.
Creative joy island
Using the garden-style office concept, OCT LOFT Creative Culture Park, the first science and art exchange platform in Xi'an, the international science and technology gallery, the theme hotel, Qushuiwan commercial street, OCT LOFT water peninsula, forming the creative culture of the entire Xixian area Industrial highlands.
Huizhi Town
There are three world-class venues - Xi'an Water Library, OCT Grand Theatre, Contemporary Art Center, the spiritual home of Xi'an people, and the cultural core of the Western Zhou culture, combined with the OCT International Youth Community, to create a gathering place for international youth life.
International Humanities Community in the Book of Songs
Long riverside, dream back to West Zhoucheng. In the design, it highlights the connotation and characteristics of the poem culture of the Weihe River, diverting water and greening, adopting the underlying overhead, low-level and low-density layout to create a poetic habitat. Introduce OCT International School, Portofino Community Business Center and other supporting facilities to build a job, residence, study, raise, and purchase a five-dimensional urban living system.
As a new representative of the development of Xixian New District, the Jidong Overseas Chinese Town Cultural Tourism Comprehensive Project will usher in more opportunities and missions in the future. What the Cube Design Architect expects is to give it long-term value and vitality through design means, so that this large-scale comprehensive project will lead the development of Xi'an city, enhance the strategic position of Xixian New Area, and bring charm to the local cultural life.

Design Construction Built Video

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