Merchants Shuangxi Phase II

Shenzhen Nanshan District Shekou Sea World Area






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Visible scenery

The project is located in Shenzhen Shekou Sea World Area. Based on the superior geographical location, rich natural and human resources, and the design concept of creating a harmonious development space between people and nature, we propose three design goals. First, to create a vibrant urban space that is consistent with the community environment; second, to create a new residential experience with diversified, differentiated and value-added product designs; and third, with superior natural and human resources, Create scarcity and difference, create regional landmarks and high-end, pleasant residential business cards.

The design team plans the overall layout in the form of “super high-rise + bottom group”. The high-rise building is designed on the edge of the land, and a large area of land is reserved for low-rise residences, forming a large courtyard landscape and creating a rich landscape environment. On the other hand, the design of low-rise residential products opens up the view of the sea in the east and south, making each tower have an unobstructed view of the landscape.

The tower is arranged on the southwest side of the site, which weakens the obscuration of the line of sight of the South China Sea Rose Garden on the east side. The main orientation is east-west orientation, so that the sea can be seen on both sides of the tower and the seascape resources can be maximized. In addition, the slab apartments echo the South China Sea Rose Garden in urban space, reinforcing the continuity of the city skyline.

Sea culture

We hope that the building complex will have a distinct personality in the area and coordinate with the surrounding environment.
The architectural form reflects the response to the coastal culture. The façade is designed to reflect the exotic atmosphere and future fashion of the Marina Bay area.
The design is inspired by sailboats sailing in the sea and sparkling seas. The curved tower is like a sailboat full of sea breeze, waiting to set sail. The glass curtain wall of the tower reflects the sparkling sea surface, and reflects the façade of the patchwork, forming a picture of the sea, the sky and the building.

Modern lifestyle

The real livability comes not only from the design and layout of the building, but also from the careful consideration of the apartment type. Whether it is a high-rise, an apartment or a low-rise residence, we strive to make the occupants enjoy the comfort and life of home.

The interior space is bright and transparent, and the functions are complete. The design of the entrance, storage, bathroom, wet and dry separation and so on show the careful and considerate and humanistic care. You can feel the warmth and joy at the moment you step into the house. The rooms are fully furnished and open to the north and south. The indoor lighting is sufficient and the north and south are transparent. The living room and the room are unobstructed, and the large-area landscape design will bring the surrounding blue sea and blue sky, green hills and green trees to the bustling city.

Designed with one ladder and few households, each space is fully utilized, and the utility rate of the apartment is over 80%. The landscape nuclear, ecological nuclear, and communication nuclear functions are clearly laid out, and the public space is in balance with the private space. The family has its own place and enjoys it. The low-rise residences have large courtyards, private spas and open terraces. The glass doors and grille design blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior. The space blends and opens up to enjoy the luxury of life.

Design Construction Built Video

 ▍Project location:

 ▍angle analysis:

 ▍The southward view of the tower is blocked, and the sea view is mainly east and southwest:

 ▍Super high level + low level combination:

  ▍Maximize seascape resources:





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