China Resources City nine-year system school

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Conceptual Design



The project is located in the China Resources City area of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, close to the “Qianhai Center”, one of the two urban centers in Shenzhen. The east side of China Resources City is adjacent to Shahe West Road, the urban expressway. The south side is Shennan Avenue, the north is connected to the urban valley residential area, and the west side is composed of Tonggu Road, Dayong Water Plant and Science and Technology Avenue. The project site is the 02-03 plot approved by the special plan for the old reform of China Resources City. It is a nine-year consistent school (36 junior high schools, 24 primary schools) with a total land area of 35654.9 square meters. The project is at the core of the entire China Resources City, at the intersection of the life axis and the cultural axis, and the significance is very significant.

design concept:
Design is not only the design of architectural forms, but also the understanding of life. The design is highly refined from the perspective of different users.
Design vision:
Children: Although it is the same study, I want a different and fun campus, and I am willing to stay on campus after school.
Parent: I don't want my child to be a nerd. I want his quality not to be reflected by scores, but more other - comprehensive, creative, leadership temperament...
Teacher: I am not a machine in the system. I want a campus like this. He can inspire my teaching enthusiasm and honor, and teach in life anytime, anywhere.
Residents: There are too many high-rises in my community. I want a sports center for the public, an art center, I want a green park, a playground for kids!
Design positioning:
Starting from the big pattern of the whole community, combined with the demands of different groups of people, the project is positioned in a park full of vitality, humanities and ecology, a park with sports, teaching and artistic functions.

Design Construction Built Video

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