Chongqing Tian'an Digital City Phase I

West South,Chongqing






Architecturd Design


Industry+Office、Integrated functions

The first phase of Chongqing Tian'an Digital City is located in the center of Dadukou District, Chongqing. The area attaches importance to the construction of science and technology parks. It is close to Chentuo Road and the last high-speed highway in the west and the Yangtze River in the east. The traffic and functional areas are very advantageous.

The architectural design closely follows the planning concept of “Green Valley” and the urban context of Chongqing. The “hill”-like industrial buildings are clustered with tension-like “rivers” and “canyons”-like squares and public spaces that extend from west to east to the banks of the Yangtze River. The first floor of the building is closely connected with the sunken plaza, and the space can be unfolded in three dimensions. The architectural form and multi-level space experience like the “hanging foot” are used to embed the urban characteristics of Chongqing “mountain city”.

The design is fully integrated with the current situation of the site and adapted to local conditions. Use the existing height difference of the site to create a rich indoor and outdoor space. The public space of the R&D unit extends to the semi-open underground level and is connected to the sunken plaza. The building space can be extended to the outside in both horizontal and vertical directions, making the park a research and development space that can be extended without boundary control. The outdoor platform and the sunken plaza are closely connected with the indoor space of the industrial building, and become the outdoor communication and research and development place of the workshop unit. Thanks to the close connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, the connection between the R&D unit and the natural environment has been strengthened. The concept of environmentally friendly green is reflected.

Choose a reasonable flat form to meet the needs of different customers for different area sizes, and improve the flexibility of building leasing.

The layout of the production unit and the auxiliary area is reasonably set. The column structure of the production unit is neat, and the layout of the auxiliary area is flexible, so that the plane can meet the requirements of different use. The architectural design runs through the people-oriented design concept and reflects the ultimate concern for people.

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