OCT Yanhan Shanyuan

South China, Shenzhen Guangdong






Architecturd Design



The project is adjacent to Xiangshan Street in the south, OCT Hospital in the west, Qiaoxiang Road in the north, Huali Packing Factory in the east, and more than 200 meters from the subway station in the southwest corner of the site. It is a residential building consisting of two residential buildings and an underground garage and equipment room. The first floor is for supporting rooms, residential lobby and overhead floor. Two to thirty-seven floors are residential. The basement, underground, and underground floors are garages and equipment. The residential building consists of two two-story multi-family residential units.

Graphic design
The residential building is composed of two two-story multi-family residential units.
The design of the residential unit is guided by the fine design and aims to create a boutique apartment. Pay attention to the relationship between the use function and the human scale, not only to avoid space waste, but also to meet the requirements of various life functions.

Facade design
Considering the area in which the project is located and the basic intention of the city's façade, after a number of rounds of façade comparison and analysis, we chose the modern constructivist architectural style, emphasizing the sense of volume and contrast, through glass, metal, steel, The processing of various materials such as wood forms the logical relationship between points, lines and surfaces. At the same time, it forms an echo with other OCT projects in terms of materials and color selection, forming an overall urban area intention.

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