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Qingdao Tian'an Digital City Project is located in Chengyang District, Qingdao City, bordering Chunyang Road in the north, Ruiyang Road in the south, Ancheng Road in the west and Baiyun Mountain Road in the east. The land area is about 158486 ㎡. The plot ratio is 1.54 and the proposed building area is 244,068.44 m2. The land is generally sloped, with a vertical height difference of 11.9 meters between the north and the south. It should be combined with the existing terrain of the site and the vertical elevation of the road to be divided into several terraces to digest the height difference.

Under the guidance of the “urban complex” design concept, the designer tried to connect the commercial area with the residential land through a circular axis, forming a “one-axis, multi-center” planning structure.
“One Axis”: A circular landscape axis links the entire project closely and orderly. Along the way, there are series of wonderful nodes such as the entrance plaza of the office area and the main entrance plaza of the house. Make the entire planning layout unified.
"Multi-center": driven ring axis, commercial and residential land area are provided major central node, while each of the products synthesized with each other between the groups around several nodes, a hierarchical view distinct context.
In this case, we propose the concept of “urban complex”: combining urban living spaces such as business, office, residence, exhibition, catering, conference, entertainment and transportation in the city, and establishing an interdependent and mutual relationship among the various parts. A dynamic relationship that helps to form a multi-functional, efficient complex. It has the characteristics of high accessibility, high density intensiveness, overall unity, functional compoundity, land use balance, spatial continuity and internal and external contact integrity.
The design of the headquarters building is critical to the development of Qingdao Tianan Digital City.
The key points have been positioned during the design process. The headquarters building should provide office workers with a unique office environment between office and home. The two types of buildings based on office and residence are developed in different scales and forms. The detailed design of this article is based on office buildings.

Our philosophy is that as long as the standardized detailing design is further improved, it can be applied repeatedly to the corresponding nodes of different buildings. Architectural details are based on a series of standardized designs described above, taking into account general construction practices. They will be applied to the main part of the building.

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