Longgang Tian'an Digital City

South China, Shenzhen Guangdong






Architectural design、Programme Winning、Programme Deepening


Business+Office、Integrated functions、Residence

Longgang Tian'an Digital City is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, south of Longping West Road and west of Huangge North Road. The total planned land is about 120,000 m2; the fourth phase is divided into two parcels: 1. The area of industrial plot land is 26,378 square meters, the plot ratio area is 163762 square meters; 2. The commercial plot area is 18556.4 square meters, and the plot ratio area is 44474 square meters.

The fourth phase of the land is strip-shaped, especially for commercial use, with a depth of only 40m. In order to improve the overall quality of the case, the design has both an "inner atrium" that inherits the traditional atrium space experience, and an "outer atrium" that echoes the city along the street facade. The inner and outer atriums are linked by two axes, and the plots are divided into four parts according to their functions: commercial, super high-rise buildings, boutique hotels and headquarters office buildings.

In the planning form, the super high-rise office building is located in the northwest corner, and the skyline of Longgang Tian'an Digital City will be completed in the form of urban landmarks. With distant echoes of high-rise boutique hotel, while the headquarters building is located between the two, only owned a good view of both sides of things, and relatively independent.

At the same time, the portable parking building acts as a power center, linking all functions together, as the engine brings constant traffic to the case, while making each floor a commercial premium. It is because of the power center that the case will become a very interesting and casual urban complex like the urban living room.

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