Zhonghai Heshanjun

Northwestern Region, Lanzhou, Gansu






Programme winning,Programme deepening



The project is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Anning District, Lanzhou City. The project is located in the north of the Yellow River, adjacent to Beibinhe West Road, and enjoys the beautiful scenery of the Yellow River. It is about 8 kilometers away from the Anning District Government and about 3 km from the traditional city center of Lanzhou. 20 kilometers, convenient transportation.
High quality regional planning
Lanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone is the only state-level economic and technological development zone in Gansu Province. It is an export-oriented economic zone with key development and construction in Gansu Province and Lanzhou City. It is an economic and technological development zone that is built with international standards and managed according to international practices. The core area of the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Anning District is the new center of the future city. It is a modern new city with rich cultural connotation, distinctive landscape, beautiful environment and vibrant environment. It is a combination of administration, residence, business, recreation, logistics and industry. The project base is located in Renshou Mountain in the north and the urban landscape green area in the south. The land is divided into two by Dashagou, and the bank of the Yellow River is next to Beibinhe West Road. Therefore, the project has a unique geographical advantage and enjoys excellent transportation resources and landscape resources.

Planning theme: one zone, two axes, multiple cores
The area: It is the Dashagou landscape belt running through the north and south of the base. It consists of a series of gardens and squares, drawing on the geometric figures and sequences of European gardens. From the green belt of Beibinhe West Road to the public space centered on the central green island and the central main square and leisure commercial plaza, it forms a comfortable and magnificent sharing center.

Two axes: the central axis of the north-south direction in the community
Multi-core: small courtyard on both sides of the two axes in the community, the entrance plaza of the community and the starting point and node of the area.

Rich city facade
The green landscape corridor between the construction land and Beibinhe Road and Dashagou provide a good landscape leisure activity place for the two plots. The urban green landscape corridor is a major feature of this case. Introduce the concept of internalization of municipal green space, shape the urban interface of the community, and link the public greening with the greening of the community through the landscape trails, so that the community resources and the urban greening landscape are mutually symbiotic, creating a vibrant leisure place for the citizens.

Styling elements: French style
The classical architectural style originated from Paris and Rome in Europe is the design theme. The architectural vocabulary is rich in atmosphere and warm in color, creating a high-end and dignified sensory effect. Based on the classic aesthetic principles of the perfect combination of the form and function, the French style constantly combines and transforms various elements such as exquisiteness, simplicity, practicality and decoration. In addition to respecting the classical design, it also injects more simple elements to alleviate the psychological depression of the overly complex classical elements, completes the redefinition of the formal lifestyle, and makes the fresh and lively modern style light. Flick over the classical and heavy environment. This combination of ancient and modern design perfectly represents the realm of integration between ancient and modern, and is our monologue and expression of elegant leisure lifestyle.

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