Jinfang Huayun Tianfu

West South, Chengdu Sichuan




225000 m²


Programme winning、Programme Deepening



The layout of the project adopts the combination of high and low building shapes, and forms the east side low layer based on the topography, topography and organization function block positions, and the west side is the 34~39 floor high-rise space form. The product range is Townhouse low-density high-end residential and noble elevator residential, with various forms, each of which is distributed in a large community.
This layout is conducive to the formation of a richer skyline, creating a rich and diverse central garden space within the community, while ensuring maximum visual line-of-sight distance and optimal landscape vision.

The design principle of the façade is to reflect the developer's positioning of the project – the original Chinese modernist architecture, to go to the crowd. The lines are simple and smooth, the colors are calm and elegant, and the use of a variety of original ecological materials highlights the aesthetic appreciation and living taste of modern cities.

Landscape design Chinese-style garden construction and community group group landscape design, emphasizing Chinese elements to form attractive to the owners. As the core area of the community, the creation of the atmosphere has a profound impact on the subsequent development. The specific environmental design is done by a professional company.

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