Dongjiu Building

East China, Yixing Jiangsu






Architecturd Design


Hotel、Business、Office、Integrated functions

Project overview
The narrow streets and winding rivers of Jiangnan Water Town are full of charm. However, with the development of modern cities, more and more Jiangnan water towns and old towns are like bonsai in modern reinforced concrete jungles, losing their former anger and vitality. However, people still yearn for the poetic and picturesque Jiangnan town. Based on the superior conditions of the plot, the scheme combines modern architectural forms with traditional construction techniques to reproduce this beautiful scene.

Tower design
After repeated comparisons, the program selected a major cultural symbol of Yixing, “Liang Zhu” as the theme. Through the abstraction of the image of men and women, an aesthetically expressable yin and yang curve was obtained. Using this curve to divide a complete elliptical cylinder, the result is a pair of towers that look like one and actually separate.

Jiangnan Water Town is undoubtedly an important representative of Chinese traditional houses, narrow streets, winding back and forth with the river full of charm. However, with the development of modern cities, more and more old towns in the south of the Yangtze River are like bonsai in the modern reinforced concrete jungle, losing the vitality and anger of the past. And people still yearn for the poetic Jiangnan town, the deep alleys, and the slightly mossy tiles. This program will reproduce this beautiful scene by combining modern architectural forms and traditional building techniques through the superior conditions of the land parcels. The bungalows are mixed with various types of gables, forming a kind of high and low undulating and patchy landscape on the bank of the alleys and waterways. The architectural style is light and simple, simple and succinct, with light colors, suitable for local conditions, riverside stickers, and soft space contours. Beautiful. Occasionally there is a small courtyard, which is suitable for recreation.

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