Kexing Science Park

Nanshan, Shenzhen






Architecturd Design、Completed


Architecturd Design

Kexing Science Park is located in the north area of Nanshan High-tech Zone, Shenzhen. Shenzhen University, Nanshan District Government, Shahe Golf, Shenzhen Software Park are all around the project, relying on the high-tech industrial base of the high-tech zone.

The design should start from the demand, and the project needs mainly focus on R&D-type public housing and workshops.
New needs for contemporary R&D and factory work. With the advent of the digital age, telecommuting and mobile office become reality, and personal work no longer depends on the office, so the significance of contemporary entrepreneurial space is turning to provide people with a brainstorming space for communication. In the era of global economic integration, liquidity and collaboration have become prominent. A large number of transactions rely on exchanges and cooperation, and the existence of informal communication space is becoming increasingly important. The concept of health is deeply rooted in people's minds, and the comfort and landscape conditions of the working environment have become an important yardstick for measuring the quality of the office environment.

The needs of the project's target customer base.
The project customers are locked into growth-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises with flexible working modes. The space is required to be free and diverse, and the image of the property is valued.

The need for urban space.
Because the existing buildings around the site are mostly office buildings, they are casual and simple, and do not form a clear urban texture. This requires new buildings to re-integrate urban space with a clear and concise shape, and to form a vibrant community, to a certain extent open to the city.

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