Konka Shuiyue Zhouzhuang

East China, Kunshan, Jiangsu






Conceptual Design、Landscape Design、Completed


Business+Office、Integrated functions、Residence

"Willow Wind and Smoke are picturesque, bridges and vertical and horizontal open vision."
Described is the Jiangnan atmosphere of Zhouzhuang Ancient Town, “China's first water town”, and our base is located in the north of Zhouzhuang Ancient Town. We hope to combine the cultural heritage of the ancient town in the ecological and natural waters and harbors to create a “new water town in the south of the Yangtze River”.

Water is the soul element in planning to the logic of single generation, and the symbiosis and blending of water and shore, virtual and real, and internal and external space make China's traditional water town different from other places in the waterfront villages. relationship. In the planning of “Xinshui Township”, the transformation and retraction of the main public water form form a structural vein; on the land, the square modules derived from farmland and the line-type street space conform to the deviation of the topography and the waterfront, forming a basic The spatial pattern of building partition texture and walking life. The penetration of the inner and outer spaces is a common principle in the design of public open nodes and building elements.

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