Dazu Heshan

South China, Shenzhen Guangdong






Architecturd Design,Planning Design



The surrounding infrastructure of the project is perfect. Culture, tourism, recreation, plaza, residence, education, public transportation facilities, etc. are all within the scope of the project, providing unique resources for the project and having various conditions for forming a complete micro-city. A good opportunity to drive the development of the surrounding. The whole plot is northwest high and southeast low.

The design principle of the façade is to reflect the high-quality residential products, and to reflect the atmosphere and high-quality feeling. The neo-classical style is simple and succinct, and the combination of warm colors emphasizes the overall effect of the harmony and emphasizes the stretch of the horizontal direction of the building, striving to embody the sense of honor and quality. Highlight the lines and details of the component on the detail design.

The whole plan is based on the principle of creating a “big courtyard” for comfortable living, and the high-rise residential buildings are arranged along the edge of the land to maximize the courtyard in the center, so that the view of the house is as far-reaching as possible, while avoiding line of sight interference; at the same time, The houses arranged along the edge adopt the layout of plates and T-shaped planes to expand the lateral spacing between the buildings to ensure good ventilation inside the community. At the same time, this open port can also introduce the external Shaxi River landscape into the community. Form an integrated landscape of internal and external communication.

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