Shenzhen Talent Park

South China,Shenzhen






Conceptual Design、Interior Design、Landscape Design、Completed


Business+Office、Integrated functions

Talent Park is a public building that provides personnel services and management for all kinds of talents working in Shenzhen. It includes introverted administrative offices and extroverted personnel recruitment halls, test centers, conferences, and public service halls. We hope that it will become a living hall of the city, a platform for people and enterprises to communicate with the society, and a window for the people who come to Shenzhen and abroad to showcase the charm of this young city. Therefore, we introduce the traditional block concept and use the “talent street” to transform the talent park into a city complex. One talent “Mall...” The “T” shaped talent street communicates with the North and South Squares and is connected to the city bus node. The organic composition of the pedestrian space between the avenue and the Mangrove Bay; it is also an important link in the building, effectively organizing, guiding and diverting various public flows. Talent Street makes the entire building highlight its urbanity, openness and affinity. It means that Shenzhen has a wide range of talents.

The high-intensity three-dimensional partitioning method integrates the administrative office part into the west of the land, and uses the terrain difference to superimpose the three large functional spaces of the recruitment hall, public service and test center. The shape of the net water system formed by the "carpet-type slope" system on the roof and the ground and the inner courtyard and roof garden of each functional area are effective ways for building ecological carbon sequestration.

In the multi-storey public space, the slopes and floors, the simulated hills and undulations improve the continuity of the spatial form, and the three-dimensional traffic organization mode of the airport flow allows a large number of people to complete the conversion between the heights in a natural, safe and efficient manner, achieving "zero step" are connected.

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