Shenzhen Software Industry Base

South China, Shenzhen Guangdong






Programme winning、Programme deepening



The project site is an integral part of the Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park. It is located in the southern part of the high-tech park. On the south side is Binhai Avenue, adjacent to the Nanshan Commercial and Cultural Center in the planned construction, and the Xinnanshan Central District, which is about to be reclaimed. The construction of various types of cities around the site has been relatively perfect. In recent years, the city's center of gravity has been moving westward. Large-scale infrastructure such as the Western Corridor and the subway will soon be completed, transforming the region from the urbanized area to the city. The key hub of development has great development potential.

The building is wrapped in vertical texture, giving the building a quiet and stretched temperament. The long and delicate components show the fine processing quality of the industry.
To extract the life texture of the city, to create an ecological three-dimensional living system, not simply stacking, but to design a surface and atmosphere, to interpret the living habits of different hobbies, people to group, promote communication, diversity Sexual living units meet the living needs of different users, thus forming a texture inside. The public space system is connected in series, and at the same time, it is attached by a low-cost price grid system with ecological green, energy saving and environmental protection, so as to form an external attitude. The shape of the building is directly an illustration of the function.

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