Beihai Guanling Hotel

South China,Beihai Guangxi






Architectural design



Located in Guantouling Waterfront, Beihai City, Beihai Guanling Five Star Hotel has a total construction area of approximately 34,000 square meters and 300 standard rooms. The building is an 8-story gradual drop-down slab that is lined up in a flat “S” shaped sea, with a slight outward tilt. The building has a semi-basement with two levels of open sea and a building height of approximately 27.6m.
The design combines two unique beach-style elements, such as waves and shells, into the architectural form, blending with the entire surrounding environment, harmoniously symbiotic, and giving the building a strong regional color.

Concept analysis
The waves are natural performance art, and the continually changing form is full of restrained power and artistic tension. These features are refined into the architectural form, blended with the whole surrounding environment, the humility of the sea, and harmonious symbiosis.

The sea shells shine with dazzling natural elements and have a unique coastal style on the seashore. The radial architectural form is faintly reminiscent of the rolling coast, which is fresh in its memory and has a strong regional color.

Design Construction Built Video

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