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Cooperation unit | Japanese design

The project adopts a clear grid as the semi-enclosed group building layout form of the structure vein, which fully expresses the complexity of the function of the news center and the radioactive characteristics of the external space, and forms a harmonious symbiotic relationship with nature. The news center is highly intensive and quickly collects, filters, delivers, feeds back, processes and publishes information, like a central processing unit on a city's main board, with distinctive temporal isomorphism.
The adjustable sunshade structure canopy of 30m elevation integrates the building complex with the surrounding hills. The “artificial nature” creates the beauty of the inner and outer, virtual and real edges. The succinct overall image highlights the iconic nature of the news center. a three-dimensional bridge between the main office area and the service area, passing through the ramp of the hill.
The floating tour and sky can be the symbol of the efficiency of the news center, a time-honored central processor.

Functional layout
A combination of rational, efficient, and logical functions is a necessary condition for a news center as a central unit of social information. The following information courtyard and service street are the intersection, the function is divided into two areas: the west is the main functional area of the news center; the east is the public service function area.

Main function area
The hill is composed of four functional blocks: the broadcast hall, the TV station, the radio station, and the newspaper office. Under the hills, there are mainly TV and radio stations, newspapers and their respective extroverted functional rooms, as well as the main broadcast areas of TV stations, TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, and business halls open to information courtyards.
1,500m2 studio: This "big TV box" is relatively independently placed in the middle of the main function area.
TV stations and radio stations: Because of their similar operating characteristics, TV stations and radio stations are juxtaposed on the north side of the site, but they are independent and the highest volume in the building group. The newspaper office is located in the south. Due to the uniqueness of the newspaper distribution, an external advertising street based on the “mountain” was designed in the south facing street, and the slowly rising ramps were connected in series to create an advertising studio. From the first floor to the second floor, the outward-looking functional characteristics of newspaper advertisements are dynamically displayed, and a multimedia bright line is formed in the southern city streetscape.

Energy saving and environmentally friendly design
Ecological hill
The functional rooms with low lighting requirements are covered with earth and hills. The “no roof” building is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, heat-insulating and noise-reducing, providing the public with more “green roof”-style public event space. On the slow hillside, the public can overlook the activities of the Sports Center Plaza and are more closely connected to the sports center in terms of spatial orientation and visuality. As the height of the hill rises, its openness gradually weakens, realizing the natural transition from the public square in the disorderly opening of the sports center to the public communication space in the internal functional area.

Curtain wall
The ventilating curtain wall uses the principle of “chimney effect” and “greenhouse effect”. In the summer, the upper and lower louvers are opened, and the heat of the indoor air conditioner is taken away by the flow of the middle air layer to reduce the energy consumption of the indoor air conditioner; the louvers are closed in the winter, and the middle air layer becomes a closed greenhouse. Reduce the consumption of indoor heating energy. The outer glass of the ventilated curtain wall is made of colorless transparent glass or low-reflection glass to minimize the light pollution caused by glass reflection. Double-layer filtering sunlight, avoiding direct sunlight and no glare. Sound insulation performance of up to 55dB, so that people living and working indoors have a quiet environment. In addition, no matter whether the weather is good or bad, the natural air can be transmitted to the room without opening the window, effectively reducing the disadvantages of the high-rise building relying solely on the mechanical ventilation of the HVAC equipment. According to statistics, the double-layer curtain wall saves 40% to 60% compared with the single-layer curtain wall, and saves 40% to 50% when heating.

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