Lian Tai Mei Sha Wan

South China,Shenzhen Guangdong






Architectual Design



The Luen Thai Dameisha Hotel project is planned to be built on the hillside of the south side of the popular Dameisha Waterfront Park. It belongs to the land of the Luen Tai Dameisha Villa. It is surrounded by mountains and has beautiful scenery. There are high-end residential areas such as Yitiange and East Coast around the base, as well as star-rated resorts such as Yalan and Jingdi. The base is covered with trees, beautiful scenery and good landscape. To the east is the Dameisha sea area. A natural mountain stream flows down from the mountain to activate the atmosphere inside the base.

Through the analysis of the land use situation, we believe that sea view is the most important advantage resource of the project. The combination of architecture and mountain topography is the difficulty of the project. The hotel may be enthusiastic and unrestrained by the sea, and it will be quiet and elegant because of the mountain. . Dameisha Beach has high-quality seawater and gentle sandy beaches. It is an important tourist resort in Shenzhen. At the same time, Yantian District has a world-class deep-sea port, Yantian Port. The logistics industry is developed and has a good investment environment. Combining the natural resources around the project with the social environment in which it is located, and considering Party A's suggestions, we are positioning the hotel as a small mountain-scale luxury hotel with a full sea view, resort-oriented and business-assisted.

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