Zhongcheng Lijing Xiangshan

Central China,Changsha Hunan




153000 m²


Conceptual Design



The project is part of the Changsha Sports New City. The east side of the site is Gaoling Road and the planned sports park. The south is 12 meters of planned roads and residential areas, the west is Mars Avenue and the planning of the Guitang River scenery belt, and the north is the labor road and the present. Hualing Wire Factory (will be transformed into a residential project), Gaoling Road and Mars Avenue have been completed, and the public sports center and sports center are installed.
The site is now completed with earthwork leveling. The terrain is high in the east and low in the west, with a height difference of 4 to 7 meters. There is no other building to be preserved in the site, but there is a mountain of about 8,600 square meters to be retained.
The total land area of the community is 153,062 square meters, which is an ideal venue for the development of high-quality market.

The layout of the building adopts the combination of small and medium-sized high-rise buildings and the central-level scene houses, which ensures the highest view of the high-rise residents at the high-altitude level and forms a humanized spatial scale at the low-altitude level.

Make full use of the height difference between the site and the surrounding roads to form a commercial facade and an underground garage.

The European-style commercial district meets people's pursuit of material and spiritual aspects. The preservation and utilization of natural mountain parks has achieved the harmonious symbiosis between man and nature.

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