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Architectual Design、Planning Design


Business+Office、Integrated functions、Residence

This project is the “Giant Construction” project of the second phase of the new campus of Xidian University. It is composed of public teaching building, public experimental building, library, scientific research and development building, university student activity center, semi-underground garage, derivative space and outdoor supporting facilities. composition. Xidian’s giant main building is not only the public teaching area of the school, but also the core area of the school. It may be the longest teaching building in the world.

In the northern part of the land, it is 1080 meters long across the east and west. The "College Street" is the main axis of the layout structure of the building. The west side of the street is dominated by the main teaching building and the experimental center. It connects the administrative center of the campus and the public lecture hall. Buildings of different sizes are like a function-rich city, showing the rationality and rigor of a strong academic style: the ecological park belt formed by the white poplar forest and water parallel to the south side of the College Street will bring the natural beauty and humanity. The interaction activities are integrated into it, showing the affinity, flexibility and active atmosphere of the college. The college student activity center is located at the end of the ecological park. The Pan-student club is scattered in the poplar forest, providing opportunities for college students to personally display, gather and communicate. The height of the building is coordinated with the poplar forest to maintain a sense of natural scale.
As a multi-directional interactive teaching and self-research and promotion place, the library and scientific research building become the medium connecting the College Street and the Poplar Forest. The library and scientific research building adopt the courtyard modular space, which is easy to get close to nature and stimulate thinking. Inspired with creation. The semi-subsidence plaza and the service street between the school building and the service building provide more communication places.

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