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“OCT Single Apartment” is located on the south side of Xiangshan Middle Street in Overseas Chinese Town. It is adjacent to Shahe East Road and has an important location and image of the entrance of OCT. The base faces the adverse impact of the village in the city and has the opportunity to improve the surrounding environment and enhance the vitality of the community. . The land is irregularly triangular, about 100 meters long from north to south, and about 160 meters long from east to west. The construction land area is 6389.9 square meters. The total construction area is about 34,835 square meters.

Design Principles
1. Make full use of the landscape resources of the base.
2. Create the necessary public activity space within limited land.
3. Respect the city relationship, organically configure the building volume, and make the building and the environment perfect, and complement each other.
4. The house is economical, practical and refined.

construction layout
1. The main body of the project is formed by 28-storey, 27-storey and 26-storey apartments, which are laid out along the southwest and south sides of the base. The first floor is a commercial building, the second floor is an overhead platform floor, and the management space is set at three. Floor.
2. The single-family apartment is basically a single-roof layout, and measures are taken for the western sun.
3. The volume of the building in the unfolded layout allows the building to obtain the largest ventilation and lighting surface, while at the same time coordinating and coordinating with the urban buildings and roads.

Design Construction Built Video

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