Lihai Asia International Center

West South,Nanning Guangxi






Architecturd Design



By analyzing the location and the functional characteristics of the project itself, the project should become one of the iconic images of the ASEAN International Business District. With its unique commercial space and cultural atmosphere, it complements the ASEAN International Business District building complex and becomes the ASEAN International Business District. Even a vibrant urban psychological landmark in Nanning.

The overall layout forms a unified relationship with the city. The main axis of the space is the cooperation road. On the two sides of the cooperation road, the image of the “gate of the city” is formed through the building tower, thus establishing the image of the project in the ASEAN business district. The building community is also centered on two office towers and the other towers are distributed in the surrounding architectural space. The building podium is mainly composed of commercial, entertainment and leisure, food and beverage, office and other functions. The tower is mainly furnished with apartments and houses. The building podium in the Chinese road forms a natural transition with the pedestrian commercial street of the Chinese Road in the form of a commercial arcade.

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