Jintang Building

East Northeast,Tianjin




154000 m²


Programme winning、Programme Deepening



The project is located in the central business and commercial district of Tianjin Binhai New Area. The west side of the plot is adjacent to Binhe West Road. The Binhe West Road is 30 meters wide and is the main thoroughfare of the city. To the north of the plot is the North Road, which is 16 meters wide. To the south of the plot is the Kuichang Road, which is 23 meters wide. The plot is connected to Binhe Road in the east, which is the main landscape of this case. The Tianjin Binhai New Area Central Business District is located on the Beijing-Tianjin Regional Development Axis and the Tianjin East-West Development Axis. It is located at the intersection of the north-south axis of the business and trade and the high-tech east-west industrial belt in Binhai New Area, and the more developed Tanggu Central Business District. The Jiabao Central Business District is across the river. The project has excellent geographical conditions, convenient transportation and wide radiation range.

Facade modeling
The overall shape of the building is like a huge sailboat. The undulating floating board on the façade is like a sail. We use abstract methods to express the spirit of the sailboat in the waves, the spirit of speed and speed. The huge ship's body wraps all the functional space, and the facade of the building's facade is from the bottom to the top, from the real to the virtual, and finally merges into the sky.

The outer surface of the building curtain wall adopts a mixing method of louver and glass dot matrix. As the height of the building increases, the louvers become less and less, and the glass becomes more and more clear. The louvers are preset for the metal foil, and the roots can be freely adjusted with time, season, weather changes, and individual needs. At the same time, the processing of its rotation changes brings more rich light and shadow changes, allowing the building to present different expressions at different angles and at different times.
Internal streamline
After calculation, we have set up 11 passenger elevators and 3 fire and freight elevators in Block A. 5 of them are used for hotel-style apartment passenger elevators, 2 for office passenger elevators and 4 for hotel elevators. Block B uses 8 elevators and 2 fire and freight elevators, 4 of which are on the high and low floor.

Material and detail
The materials are carefully selected to make them harmonious with the building and the environment. The material is economical and durable, and it is quick to produce, easy to maintain and manage, and minimize the use of shaped glass.
The tower meets the current national energy-saving regulations. The side beams and suspended ceilings below the standard floor slab can be used as transverse titanium alloy plates. The main body of the façade is used by glass and steel louvers, combined with the rhythm of vertical louvers, forming from bottom to top, gradually clear. , into the virtual transformation effect of the sky. From the outside, the building is viewed with a harmonious combination of materials to outline the beautiful lines. When you are in the indoor space, you can use the combination of the form louvers to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The façade, which is simple, economical and quick to construct, is one of its desirable qualities.

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