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The project is located in the north of Xinhua street Baohua road and west of tea garden road, Huadu district, Guangzhou. The area is positioned as the key development center of "ecological residence". The northwest and southeast of the base are high-quality ecological green land. In the whole huadu district, it is highly competitive.

In order to make better use of the landscape advantages of the northwest and southeast sides of the site, the design introduces the central courtyard, connecting the community greening and urban greening, forming an urban green corridor.

Optimize the space between the buildings, reduce visual interference, and allow residents to enjoy the maximum view of the courtyard landscape.

On door model design, door model face is wide, face south room is much, gift habitant more open mobile space. Dining-room and sitting room north and south connect fully, make the residence has good ventilated daylighting. The master bedroom faces south, with a large bathroom and study, and a large hotel suite.

High - rise wide view balcony, the outdoor landscape. The zoology residence of new period, satisfy the demand on the line of sight only is insufficient, the design still introduced enter a garden, let habitant foot do not go out the fun that can enjoy cultivate a flower to make grass, feel pure and fresh nature at any time and place.

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