University Game Center,Shenzhen

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province




122 278㎡


Win the bid


Shenzhen University Game Center is located in the northeast of Shenzhen City, the west of Longgang Central City, with convenient transportation and obvious location advantages. We chose to activate the water body and merge it into a river. We will connect the Universiade Park with the surrounding green space and public supporting resources, and the closed and independent Universiade venue will be transformed into the riverside nodes. This openness and accessibility is the new life. Important conditions.

The scale of the interior space of the Universiade Park is huge, and there is a lack of human care under the grand narrative of the memorial venue. To be reduced to zero, we will start from the needs of people and introduce more diverse spatial scales to form new places and fun. The water corridor is surrounded by the city, the waterfront life, a waterfront walk that is shared by walking and bicycles is continuous and becomes a link connecting various areas. With the water gallery as the axis, many waterfront lifestyles can be derived. Architectural design excavates the characteristics of the site through various areas, and the building integrates into the landform with a humble and vague attitude, achieving a gentle dialogue with the existing venues. The water shafts are connected in series, and the forest is full of water, so you have a mountain.

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